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     Below are the sweet, gentle trail horses that you will ride on Rancho Bravo horseback riding tours in Sage, CA! Each horse is a valued member of our family and many of them were just one step away from an unhappy end before coming here to lead a long and happy life! Enjoy learning about the story and personality quirks of each horse and try to guess which one will be your match when you come ride!

Little Joe: Leader of the Herd

Little Joe

     Little Joe is a black Tenessee Walking Horse and is the big boss around the ranch! He is the (mostly) benevolent leader of all the horses and makes sure everyone stays in line. His best friend is Estilo and the two of them can often be found grooming each other and swishing flies off each other's faces.

     Joe is a sweet, easy going horse with a great attitude and is very responsive to commands. He is ideal for timid beginners and also does great with kids. The smooth motion of his walk, trot, and canter make him a pleasure to ride!

Estilo: The Fast One


     The name "Estilo" means "style" in Spanish and this horse has both style and class! His breed is Azteca - half Andalusian and half Thoroughbred. The Andalusian side gives him his thick mane & tail and his graceful contours. The Thoroughbred side makes him the fastest horse on the ranch!

     Although he comes from a troubled background, Estilo is now a trusted trail horse and will take care of you even if it's your first time riding. In his heart of hearts, Estilo is a man's horse and he makes his rider look good!

Kika: The Slow One

Chiquita Banana (aka Kika)

     "Kika" is our sweet, gentle, quiet, kid-safe quarter horse. We rescued Kika when she was about 5 years old and have trained and seasoned her to be a top-notch beginner-level trail horse. Her inherent laziness and love of food make her the slowest horse on the ranch!

     Kika is compliant, if slow to react, and can handle any level of rider. She has a tendency to test adult riders and try to get away with eating on the trail or turning toward home. But she LOVES kids and will carefully take them safely down the trail like an angel!

Sparkle: The Shortest


     Sparkle is an awesome paint pony! She may be in her twenties (which is old in horse years), but she's got pep to her step and loves going on trail rides! We don't know what breed she is, but we think she's a perfect pony! As the shortest horse on the ranch, Sparkle makes it easy for kids to climb up into the saddle.

     You couldn't ask for a better pony for kids. Sparkle does exactly what is asked of her and never argues! She takes our smallest riders out and never misses a step. Light-weight adults also enjoy her cute, dainty gaits.

Sundance: The Little Sister


     Sundance is a BLM mustang that we rescued not long ago! Although she was born wild, she is now a trail horse that loves people and even knows a few tricks! She's low in the pecking order and, with her quirky personality, the other horses often view her as the annoying little sister!

     This horse is currently in our trail horse training program, honing her skills and learning the trail system, so you may see her as a guide horse or out on the trail being trained by one of our staff. She'll be available for experienced riders very soon!

Buns: Lead Mare


     Buns was born in a loving home to good owners, but when they could no longer keep her, she traded hands several times and eventually had to be rescued. She's half arabian, which gives her a slender frame and half mustang which accounts for her sure-footedness and thick, beautiful mane and tail! Buns has color to envy and is the leader of all the mares.

     Although Buns can take care of any level of rider, she does best with confident women who are sensitive with the reins. She's responsive to commands and a very trustworthy trail horse.

Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie: The Sweetest

Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie

     The horse with 3 names! And you may call her any of them at any given time. Why the 3 names? You'll have to ask when you get to the ranch - it's complicated! Smoothie is half Halflinger, half Quarter Horse and is a gorgeous golden color with a flaxen (blond) mane.

     Pineapple is another rescue horse and is just a dream of a trail horse! She has a great attitude, enjoys going out, and is responsive to kids and beginners. Absolutely anyone can ride her with confidence!

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